You can improve a building’s NABERS Energy for Offices rating by improving the building’s energy efficiency. For example, upgrading or replacing Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems can significantly improve a building’s energy efficiency.  

Changes which alter a NABERS Energy for Offices rating by at least half a star constitute major refurbishments

You don’t have to improve your NABERS rating under the CBD Program. Any decision to improve the energy efficiency of the building is a commercial decision for the building owner to make. 

Tenants can also consider ways they can reduce their building’s energy consumption. For example, using their HVAC system less outside of regular business hours. 

Read more about the benefits of the CBD Program and improving the energy efficiency of offices. 

Ways to reduce energy use 

Building owners can improve the energy efficiency of their building by making changes to equipment or practices. 

Ask the CBD Accredited Assessor who performed your NABERS assessment for advice specific to your building. 

Resources to help you improve your energy efficiency 

There are organisations and source of information that can help you improve the energy efficiency of a building. 

  • Clean Energy Finance Corp (CEFC): CEFC provides cost-effective financing options for building owners and managers looking to manage volatile energy prices and improve their building’s energy efficiency. 

  • HVAC guidance on the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water (the department) provides guidance on improvements that can be made to HVAC systems. 

  • Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA): the GBCA provides resources and training for green building practices. 

  • Property Council of Australia (PCA): the PCA provides industry information in relation to commercial property. 

  • CitySwitch: CitySwitch is national program funded by city and local government councils to help commercial office tenants enhance the energy efficiency of their office space. 

  • Energy Efficiency Council (EEC): the EEC provides information on energy to help building owners make smart energy investments.  

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