A Tenancy Lighting Assessment (TLA) is part of a Building Energy Efficiency Certificate (BEEC)


  • measures the power density of the general lighting system in office areas 
  • describes the capacity of installed lighting control systems. 

It does not measure lighting output, lux, light quality or suitability for use. 

The TLA covers lights that are already installed as well as any future planned lighting for the space. It involves a survey of the lighting system that will stay in the building once the tenant leaves and their fit out is removed. For example, the troffer lights in the ceiling will stay, but the tenant will take their desk lamps with them, so the TLA would only factor in the troffer lights. 

A BEEC includes the results of the TLA and compares it against buildings that were also issued a BEEC that year.  

A TLA certification lasts 5 years.  

Getting a TLA 

To get a BEEC you must have a TLA done by a CBD Accredited Assessor.  

The TLA rates the lighting efficiency for each space in the building. The Assessor uses the Tenancy Lighting Assessment for Office Rules (TLA Rules) to make the assessments.  

A correctly completed TLA application submitted to the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water (the department) has a 21-calendar day processing timeframe which can vary depending on complexity. There is no cost for the application. Any costs come from engaging the Assessor to perform the assessment.  

The department conducts an audit on all applications to check for errors and rule compliance, and a more in-depth audit on a sample of all TLAs. 

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If there is already a valid TLA for the relevant area in the building, then the Assessor only needs to complete a new NABERS Energy for Offices rating assessment (if the building does not already have a valid NABERS rating). They can then apply for the BEEC using the current NABERS rating and the existing TLA. 

Modifying a TLA 

If any lighting upgrades happen during the 5 years after it was first assessed, building owners can get an Assessor to modify their TLA.  

You can request an Assessor reassess the TLA on as many or as few spaces as you want and upgrade any or none of those spaces as a result. 

If a TLA is modified, even if there are improvements, it will still expire 5 years after the TLA was first certified. 

If a different Assessor did the original TLA, the new Assessor will be required to upload evidence in the Assessor Portal to confirm that the building owner has authorised the modification. Without this evidence, the department will not assess the application.

Access to functional spaces and to information 

The Building Energy Efficiency Disclosure Act 2010 (BEED Act) gives CBD Accredited Assessors the right to information and access to disclosure affected buildings so they can do an assessment. 

Owners and tenants must comply with an information gathering or access notice issued by an Assessor or face civil penalties. 

The TLA Rules provides a process for CBD Assessors to follow, in situations where they are denied access or information that is required to complete a TLA.  

Read the TLA Rules, and contact us for further assistance. 

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