An updated Version 4.1 of the Tenancy Lighting Assessment (TLA) Rules has now been released to reflect a revised effective date of  6 December 2021. This revised date will allow for further development of the new CBD Assessor Portal.

With the exception of the revised date, the content of these rules is identical to the recently released Version 4.0 Rules. Version 4.0 is now expired, and will not be available for use on 15 November 2021.

Given the revised date, assessors may seek approval to submit Version 4.0 TLAs under the current Version 3.1 rules until 6 December 2021, on a case-by-case basis – CLICK HERE for further information.

All TLAs submitted on or after 6 December 2021 must be submitted in accordance with Version 4.1 of the Rules.

Version 4.0 and 4.1 include a number of changes to improve clarity and simplify processes for CBD Assessors. Grading for NLPDs was also amended to improve clarity and to better reflect the increased usage of LED lighting technologies.

Click here view Version 4.1 of the CBD Tenancy Lighting Assessment for Offices Rules.

A webinar for CBD Assessors will be held on 21 October at 15:30-16:30 AEST, to answer any questions and showcase the new CBD Assessor Portal. Please contact the CBD administrator to access this webinar.

Please contact the CBD Administrator for further information on these changes please contact the CBD hotline on 1800 020 131 or email