The CBD Administrator has now updated the new CBD assessor portal, introducing two new features:

Copy/Pasting functional spaces in TLA applications

In TLA Applications, assessors can now quickly make a copy any saved functional space. Click the “Copy” button to the right of any functional space description:

screenshot from the CBD assessor portal, showing the location of the new button used to copy functional spaces

Assessors are responsible for ensuring that the content of all submitted functional spaces is correct. All functional space information including level number, NLA, and NLPD assessment method will not be automatically updated when a functional space is copied.

Submitting BEEC Applications before NABERS rating is certified

When submitting a BEEC application, assessors can now link a NABERS rating which is yet to be certified.

The CBD Administrator will be automatically notified once a new NABERS rating is certified. BEEC application processing will only begin once the linked NABERS rating has been certified.

We Want Your Feedback!

If you are having any issues with the new Portal, or have any feedback you'd like to pass on, please do let us know.

You can contact the CBD administrator on 1800 020 131, or by email: