Commercial Building Disclosure Regulator Performance Framework Report

The Commercial Building Disclosure Regulator Performance Framework Self-Assessment Report is a summary of the key activities the CBD Program delivered in 2015–16 to fulfil its obligations under the Building Energy Efficiency Disclosure Act 2010 (BEED Act) and meet the requirements of the Australian Government’s Regulator Performance Framework.

The Report for 2015–16 found the CBD Program to have a high level of industry compliance and support. The volume of applications for Building Energy Efficiency Certificates (BEECs) remained steady at around 1100 per year, accredited assessors were available throughout Australia and processing times remained well within service standard timeframes. IT systems were improved to reduce BEEC application processing times and provide assessors with the capacity to update their own accreditation details.

To offset the increased regulatory burden associated with expanding the CBD Program to commercial office spaces over 1,000 square metres from 1 July 2017, Tenancy Lighting Assessments (TLAs), approved after 1 September 2016, were increased from a one-year validity to a five-year validity period. The TLA Rules were also revised to make them easier to use, accurate and up-to-date with new lighting technologies.

Throughout 2015–16, the CBD Program actively consulted and worked with assessors, industry associations, NGOs, government bodies and other internal and external stakeholders to improve the delivery of the program. No official complaints were received in 2015–16 and a number of compliments were recorded.

The Government has committed to reducing the cost of unnecessary or inefficient regulation imposed on individuals, business and community organisations. An important part of this commitment is the development of a Regulator Performance Framework to review the performance of Commonwealth regulators.

The Regulator Performance Framework sets out six outcomes-based key performance indicators covering:

  • reducing regulatory burden
  • communications
  • risk-based and proportionate approaches
  • efficient and coordinated monitoring
  • transparency
  • continuous improvement.

The Regulator Performance Framework applies from 1 July 2015, with the first assessment period being the 2015-16 financial year.

The Commercial Building Disclosure Forum (CBDF) has been approved by the Minister as the stakeholder consultation mechanism for externally verifying and providing assurance for the CBD Program Regulator Performance Framework 2015-16 Self‑Assessment Report against the agreed metrics. The 2015–16 assessment report has been endorsed by the CBDF, certified by the Secretary of the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources and provided to the Minister for the Environment and Energy.

To read the CBD Regulator Performance Framework Self-Assessment Report 2015–16 click here.