We provide both current and older statistical summaries and overviews  relating to the CBD program.

CBD First Year of Mandatory Disclosure -  Nov 2011 - Nov 2012

View the statistical overview of the first year of mandatory disclosure under the CBD program.A summary of the statistics is included below.


Buildings and BEECs

Statistical Summary - Image 1

In the first ear of full mandatory disclosure from 1 November 2011 to 1 November 2012 the Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) Program issued 1250 BEECs (Building Energy Efficiency Certificates). Most building owners and tenants generally acquire a BEEC for the period of sale, lease and/or sublease negotiations and prefer not to re-new after negotiations have been finalised. However, there has been a growing portion in the market that keep BEECs in place without lapse – rolling BEEC. Some owners have stated that a rolling BEEC provides them with greater flexibility.

New South Wales (NSW) represented by far the largest number of BEECs certified at 578 in total, accounting for 46% of all applications. Following next is Victoria on 253 and Queensland on 194 BEECs certified. Of the 874 Buildings covered by BEECs, 290 have been certified more than once.

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Older Statistics