Independent data

Independent Property Databank (IPD)

IPD is a leading provider of real estate performance and risk analysis, providing critical business intelligence to real estate owners, managers, brokers, lenders and occupiers worldwide. The department has purchased a series of Green Property Investment Digest quarterly reports, and additional analysis on the correlation between NABERS ratings and capital returns, income returns and total returns from Investment Property Databank (IPD).

If you are interested in NABERS Energy Office Market Analysis developed by IPD, you can access the report here.

Commercial Buildings Baseline Study

In 2012, Pitt and Sherry delivered the Commercial Buildings Baseline Study (CBBS), a report establishing the baseline energy consumption of the Australian non-residential buildings sector. The work was commissioned by the former Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency of the Council of Australian Governments under the National Strategy on Energy Efficiency.

The study aimed to improve the availability of quantitative information on commercial buildings in Australia, their energy use and associated greenhouse emissions. It is intended to help ground the work of policy makers, analysts, industry, governments, researchers and a wide range of interested stakeholders in a well-founded and shared information base.

A de-identified version of the CBBS models for non-residential building types was developed in 2013 and released by the Department of Industry for public consumption. Both the original CBBS report and the de-identified models are available on the Department of Industry website.