Role of CBD assessors in exceptions and exemptions


The building owner or lessor has the responsibility to confirm whether their building or area of a building is an exception.

A CBD assessor may assist by providing professional advice to the building owner or lessor when attempting to determine if the building or area of a building is an exception.

Exemptions from disclosure obligations

Generally, the Building Energy Efficiency Disclosure Act 2010 requires a Building Energy Efficiency Certificate (BEEC) before office space of 1000 square metres or more goes on the market for sale, lease or sublease.

However, building owners or lessors may apply for an exemption from a disclosure obligation:

  • where a building or area is used for police or security operations
  • in cases where it is not possible to assign an energy efficiency rating  because of the current characteristics of the office. These applications must be accompanied by a supporting statement made by a CBD accredited assessor, which details the reasons why a rating cannot be assigned.

Exemptions from information gathering provisions

Generally, owners and tenants must comply with an information gathering notice or an access notice issued by a CBD accredited assessor. However, under certain exceptional circumstances, owners and tenants can apply for an exemption from these requirements. For more information, see when you need to provide information and access for an assessment.

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