CBD Assessor Re-accreditation

The CBD assessor re-accreditation process is available to existing CBD assessors that seek to renew their accreditation in order to apply for Building Energy Efficiency Certificates (BEECs) on behalf of building owners or lessors, conduct CBD Tenancy Lighting Assessments (TLA), and provide assessor supporting statements for exemption applications.

Re-accreditation Process

‘Stream A’ is for assessors who have previously submitted a TLA in the last 3 years. This stream requires existing assessors to complete the re-accreditation form and pay the 3-year accreditation fee of $451. We encourage you to also complete the CBD Online Learning Module and complete the CBD TLA Exam so as to refresh your knowledge of the CBD Program processes and the TLA Rules Version 3.

Required: Encouraged:

‘Stream B’ is for assessors who have not previously submitted a TLA in the last 3 years, this stream requires the assessor to fulfil the requirements under ‘Stream A’ and in addition complete the updated CBD Online Learning Module and the CBD TLA training exam within 3 months of re-accreditation. This requirement will refresh and demonstrate your knowledge of current CBD program processes and the TLA Rules Version 3.

Required: Required within 3 months:

Both ‘Stream A’ and ‘Stream B’ processes require the assessor to have current NABERS accreditation, insurances and adhere to the Conditions of Accreditation.

We also encourage any staff members who may assist accredited assessors to complete the CBD online learning module and the CBD TLA training exam.

The 3 Steps of re-accreditation

What happens if I do not complete this process?

CBD assessors who do not follow the above procedures will be automatically disabled from using the CBD assessor portal until they have complied with the above conditions.

For more information, download our guidance note on 'CBD Assessor Re-Accreditation'. If you have any queries please email us at info@cbd.gov.au or call our enquiry line on 1800 020 131.