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Unsolicited Offers

A building owner who is not offering to sell or lease their building is approached by another party with an offer to purchase, lease or sublease their building. Following this initial approach the building owner may wish to start negotiations with the party making the offer, resulting in an ‘Unsolicited Offer’.

A building owner or lessor that has received an offer to purchase, lease or sub-lease office space that represents an unsolicited offer, is required to seek an exemption or obtain a BEEC to continue with those negotiations prior to entering into any contracts for sale or lease.

The Exemption application form needs to be completed by the building owner or lessor being approached with an unsolicited offer and they will be seeking the exemption under section 17(3) (c) of the BEED Act 2010.

Further information can be found here and please ensure to read through the Guidance Note for more information about how this exemption may affect you and/or your clients.