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Tenancy lighting assessments

A tenancy lighting assessment is an important component of a Building Energy Efficiency Certificate (BEEC) required under the Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) Program.

The tenancy lighting assessment measures the power density of the installed general lighting system of affected buildings. It does this by working out the Nominal Lighting Power Density (NLPD) of the relevant functional space in the building as well as the capacity of installed lighting control systems. It may also include a performance comment if appropriate. The assessment covers installed lighting and, where relevant, also proposed lighting systems. It is based on a methodical survey of the general lighting system reasonably expected to be left in place after the tenant leaves and the tenancy fitout is removed.

Example below of the Assessment summary that can be found on a BEEC within Part 2 – Tenancy Lighting energy Efficiency Assessment.

The BEEC also compares the building with other buildings that were issued a BEEC within a specified year, see example below