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How do I comply?

Note: Changes to the CBD Program were announced on 21 June 2016. Read more.

The Commercial Building Disclosure (CBD) Program mandates the disclosure of energy efficiency information for most commercial office spaces of 2000 square metres (1000 square metres from 1 July 2017) or more. If you are selling, leasing, subleasing or advertising disclosure affected space there are steps you need to take to comply.

Overview of the process

Check the steps involved in complying with obligations under the BEED Act.

Selling, Leasing or Subleasing

What to do if you are selling, leasing or subleasing a disclosure affected building. 


What to do if you are advertising a disclosure affected building or area of a building.

How we monitor compliance

Our approach to education, compliance and enforcement.

When you need to provide information and access for an assessment

Your obligations to provide information and access for the purposes of an assessment.

Report a breach

Please contact us with information about the building in question.

Where to from here?

Find out more